The Only Way It Could Be Fresher
Is If You Grew It Yourself

If you demand the freshest produce, you can shop with confidence at
Farmer's Foods. We have a huge selection of fruits and vegetables
both locally grown and imported from around the world. We take that
extra step to make certain that the produce you set out for your family
is the freshest available... we guarantee it! If for any reason you aren't
satisfied with our produce, bring it back and we'll refund your money.

The Freshest Party Platters

We can lighten your work load the next time you are entertaining.
Farmer's Foods fresh fruits and vegetables make terrific party trays.
Our skilled associates will create a beautiful and tasty treat that will
make your party shine. Click here to see more party platters.

Farmer's Foods welcomes the opportunity to purchase and sell
to our customers locally grown produce and other items like honey.
These items are more nutritious; they support our local communities
through taxes; they continue to give you a choice in your food
sources, and they actually help our environment through low
costs of transportation to you. Bigger is not always
tastier or better, think about it. If you want to
sell your goods, please feel free to contact us
at (434) 372-0423 or email us at

Did you know that the farmer receives less
than 4 cents from every $1.00 sold in
grocery stores?  Farmers Foods would
like to help make that amount larger!