Farmer's Foods has been your
Home Town grocery for over 40 years.

Johnny Farmer's long and continued involvement in the grocery business
started at the age of 14 as a meat cutter and opened the first Farmer's Foods in
1965, which consisted of just 6 shelves, a meat case, and a produce case.
Johnny learned the value of a family's dollar and it's importance at the dinner
table long before being old enough to work. From this experience, Johnny has
instilled in Farmer's Foods the need to never forget what value means to a
customer. You can get fancy, but never forget about Value. With this go-to-
market commitment, Farmer's Foods can serve the richest or the most needy
customer with the most food for the dollar.

"The customer is the focus of our business" says Farmer. Stores cater to
shoppers who need a place that fits for them. All Farmer's locations are very
community-oriented and committed to delivering the fresh perishable items
and value-priced groceries that their customers truly want, while maintaining
the traditional characteristics that should not be compromised.

  • Great Prices,
  • No Solutions Added to Our Fresh Cut Meats,
  • Great Customer Service,
  • Double Coupons Everyday,
  • Clean Locations that are still shoppable without walking a marathon.
  • We sell the FRESHEST Produce, purchased locally whenever possible
  • Meat Cutters on site
  • Cash For Gas (gas reward program)

Visit Farmer's Foods to experience again the "Hometown" grocery
atmosphere that many rural communities have cherished and the larger
communities are finding as a refreshing alternative to the mass production,
busy-bee, city block facilities.